Tuesday, 16 January 2018

The camera you have...

I cant claim to be indifferent to conversations about camera gear - but in the end I do find the endless fixation with focal lengths, shutter speeds and ISOs to miss the point.  The first thing you need is a vision of the picture you want, and then you use the gear you have to produce it.  Or produce a picture as close to it as you can.

I was out for a walk recently - actually looking for fishing spots - when I saw these Australasian Swamphens on a fence.  The only camera I had with me was on my phone.  These are the images I managed to make.

I really like the middle one of these pictures.  More pictures from around the world at Our World Tuesday.  SM

Friday, 12 January 2018

Evening at Chateau Yering

Chateau Yering is a vineyard in the Yarra Valley - about one hour from home.  Had an overnight there earlier in the week.  All very relaxing.

Here are some low light shots from the end of the day.

I have applied a filter called "just a little too much red wine" to these images!

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Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday 285 - Eastern Rosella

The Eastern Rosella (Platycercus eximius) is a wonderful looking bird.  Unfortunately, I find them to be rather camera shy and nervous in the extreme.  They are not really uncommon, but as a result of their flighty nature, I see this bird far more often than I photograph it.

When I was out looking for the Powerful Owls last week I found a small flock the Rosellas.  While these are not the best pictures in the world I thought that people would like to see them as the bird is so brightly coloured.

This bird is about 30cm long and can be found in south east Australia and Tasmania. Due to their use as a logo on a bottle our family name for these birds is a Tomato Sauce Rosella - and of course I would never use that in the presence of serious birders!

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cheers - SM

Tuesday, 9 January 2018


During a brief wander at Studley Park this week, I stumbled upon a Blue-Tongue lizard - in fact a Blotched Blue-Tongue (Tiliqua nigrolutea) if we want to be specific.

Blue-Tongues are large skinks - with this animal being about 45cm long.  As is the way with these animals, it was really doing all that much - just passing through as it looked for food.

When I was checking through the images I took at home, I noticed the two creamy white objects behind the lizards from leg. (Best seen in the 3rd picture) With the help of some people on a reptile forum I was able to find out that they are ticks - apparently most blue-tongues carry a few.  When I found this out, my toes curled up a bit!

In the second picture, you can see why these skinks are known as blue-tongues!

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